Leakage test

In general, Government Decree 14/2015 (10.II.10.) requires mandatory leakage testing for all applications containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gas), including refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, which contain at least 5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of F-Gas.

It is the responsibility of the operator or the owner of the equipment to register these refrigeration circuits with the Climate Protection Authority and to have the leakage tests carried out by a qualified company before the expiry of the validity period.

Fines of up to several million HUF may be imposed for non-compliance

The validity of the mandatory registration and leakage tests can be verified by the National Climate Protection Authority without prior notification on the spot and in the ‘Climate Gas Database’.

If they find that the owner/operator of the equipment has not registered the company/equipment or the validity of the leakage test of the registered refrigeration circuit has expired, they will impose a climate protection fine of up to HUF 500,000 per unit!

So it's not worth taking the risk, as the cost of our leak detection service is a fraction of the expected fine.

Why entrust ICE-STAR Service with your leakage detection?

We provide a full service for refrigeration and air conditioning operators. From consultation through the management of a complex ‘Climate Gas Database’ to the timely completion of leakage tests, to the legal certification.

Our company has all the necessary official permits to carry out its activities. Leakage tests are carried out exclusively by our continuously trained and experienced specialists registered in the ‘Climate Gas Database’.

On request, we will be happy to prepare a free quotation customized to your company and your equipment!

What does our leakage testing service consist of?

  • Notification – administration

    Operators/owners of calorific equipment are obliged to register themselves or their company in the ‘Climate Gas Database’ operated by the Climate Protection Authority. Subsequently, it is necessary to register the leakage-testing equipment in the register of the authority.

    We will take the burden off your shoulders and assume the obligations associated with equipment containing F-ÜHG. We take care of the registration and notifications. Subsequently, we will administer and keep your F-Gas registration up to date as required.

  • Technical data upload

    After the registration of the equipment containing F-OHG, we will record the calculated and established technical data.

  • Equipment ID label

    Once the technical data has been uploaded, we will prepare and affix the registration labels to the equipment as required. In all cases, the labels generated from the ‘Climate Gas Database’ are printed on self-adhesive, UV, acid, alkali and weather-resistant PVC film.

  • Carrying out a leakage test

    We continuously monitor the leakage test validity of the equipment entrusted to us. We will indicate the need for an upcoming inspection prior to shutdown and then carry out leakage tests at an agreed time.

    Leakage testing is always carried out after visual inspection and verification. Leaks that can be repaired without breaking the caloric circuit during the visual inspection and verification will be stopped immediately if possible. Damaged or missing equipment identification labels shall be replaced.

    The result and the fact of the leakage test will be immediately recorded and legally validated in the ‘Climate Gas Database’.

  • Up-to-date legal expertize

    We constantly monitor changes in leakage testing legislation and regulations. Accordingly, we inform our partners about changes that affect them. You can also rely on us for expert assistance during inspections by the authorities.

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