Panasonic heat pump

Panasonic heat pumps from Japan represent premium quality and advanced technology in the heat pump market. Popular in our country, Panasonic heat pumps can provide heating, cooling or even hot water for your property.

All this comfort can be provided by a heat pump in an environmentally friendly way. Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps use 80% of the heat energy extracted from the outside environment as a source of energy, and only 20% of the energy required to run the equipment requires electricity as a feed-in.

The new generation PANASONIC Aquarea heat pumps are available with up to 3+2 years warranty.

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PANASONIC heat pump solutions

PANASONIC Generation K air-to-water heat pump

Ideal for new properties

Low noise level, improved clean look, Aquarea Smart Cloud remote control, high thermal performance tank (U-Vacua), high energy efficiency

PANASONIC L generation air-to-water heat pump

Ideal for replacing old heating and hot water systems during renovations

R290 natural refrigerant, improved clean look, Aquarea Smart Cloud remote control, high thermal capacity tank (U-Vacua), high energy efficiency

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