Service, maintenance, operation

Klímatelepítés ICE-STAR Szerviz Kft.

Rattling? Overheating? Stopped?

From simple air conditioners and heat pump systems to world-class chemical refrigeration systems, we have a wide range of service, maintenance and operational experience, so you can turn to us with confidence.

By carrying out professional and regular maintenance, you can help to ensure that your equipment - whether it's an air conditioner, heat pump or even an industrial refrigeration system - will continue to work reliably for many years to come.

Immediate service and troubleshooting

Klímakarbantartás ICE-STAR Szerviz Kft.

Small repairs can be carried out immediately, larger repairs can be scheduled after a quotation has been accepted.

Our repair work is all about finding the component that is causing the malfunction, repairing the indirect damage it has caused, and preventing it so that your system can continue to serve you reliably in the future.

Get a quote from our experienced experts and have your system secure tomorrow!

Klímakarbantartás ICE-STAR Szerviz Kft.

What can you contact us for?

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Maintenance and servicing of refrigeration systems

We have extensive experience in the full maintenance and servicing of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, including mechanical, electrical, caloric, hydraulic work.

Klímatelepítés Debrecen ICE-STAR Szerviz Kft

Air conditioning maintenance and repair

Cleaning or replacement of air filters in the air conditioning system, fungus and bacteria removal from the indoor unit with special tools, cleaning of the outdoor unit, visual inspection of the electrical units and temperature measurement.

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Heat pump maintenance and repair

Visual and operational check of the heat pump system including performance check, check of the heating and refrigerant level, check of the electrical components, compressor check, repair if necessary and the running test.

Why to choose us?

  • More than 20 years of professional experience

    In addition to thousands of air conditioners, we have installed, maintained and serviced hundreds of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems and heat pumps, giving us extensive experience.

  • 15 well-equipped service trucks

    Our service vans are well equipped with the modern tools needed to carry out repairs, so the majority of troubleshooting can be done on the spot.

  • Trained team of 40 ppl

    Every day, our service colleagues repair breakdowns and solve problems, gaining valuable experience. We keep up to date with the latest technologies by constantly improving our skills through professional training and manufacturer support.

  • Good friendship is based on accurate accounting

    In each case, we will provide you with an electronic worksheet, which will include the type of equipment repaired/maintained, the work performed, the materials used, the parts installed and the time spent.

  • Flexibility and rapid response times

    We are 100% committed to flexibility and fast response times. This is particularly crucial when troubleshooting, where every minute of downtime can cost you.

  • Unique pricing and extra services

    Whether it is maintenance or servicing, we offer our contracted partners discounted pricing and special services.

  • Advanced remote monitoring system

    With state-of-the-art, web server-based remote monitoring systems, you can keep your mechanical equipment and building safe 24 hours a day, and even receive text or email notifications of any faults or critical values.

  • Engineering consultation

    As part of our engineering consultancy service, our engineers will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your refrigeration system, outlining concrete efficiency proposals and solutions. If required, we can implement them.

  • Extended operational service

    We can also provide permanent staff at your premises, depending on your needs. Our staff can monitor the correct functioning of the system on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and can intervene immediately on site in the event of even the smallest malfunction.

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