Why is regular air conditioning maintenance useful?

Why is regular air conditioning maintenance useful?

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When you think about it, we spend a significant part of our lives indoors, whether it's our home or our office at work. That's why it makes a difference how much we create the optimum temperature or ensure cleaner air quality. A well-chosen and maintained air conditioning system can help a lot.

Here are 3 reasons why regular air conditioning maintenance is beneficial:

  1. Air conditioning maintenance to preserve your warranty

    Air conditioner manufacturers on the market offer different warranty periods and extended warranties. However, in almost all cases, one, or in many cases two, mandatory maintenance per year is a prerequisite for maintaining the warranty and guarantee. So if you miss the required air conditioning maintenance, unfortunately, your warranty is also cancelled, so a possible breakdown can cost you a lot of money.

    Fujitsu klíma akár 10 év garanciával ICE-STAR Szerviz Kft.
    Annual maintenance is required for the Fujitsu air conditioner warranty extended up to 10 years.

  2. Climate maintenance for cleaner and healthier air

    As we spend a large part of our lives indoors, air quality (how much clean air we breathe) is very important. Unfortunately, the effects and consequences of air pollution on people are often not felt immediately but over the long term.

    Cleaning and replacing the filters during regular air conditioning maintenance will allow the air conditioner to filter the air more efficiently. This improves indoor air quality by reducing the levels of dust, pollen and other allergens in the air.

    Regular air conditioning maintenance can contribute to cleaner indoor air
    Regular air conditioning maintenance can contribute to cleaner indoor air

  3. Climate maintenance for more efficient operation

    Regular air conditioning maintenance contributes to a more efficient air conditioning system. Well-maintained equipment is expected to consume less energy. This can help not only to reduce bills, but also to extend their lifespan.

    Regular maintenance helps to prevent premature wear and tear on parts and minimise the risk of breakdowns. This prolongs the life of the air conditioning unit and reduces the risk of sudden failures.