BIDDLE climate separation

When comfort or logistics does not allow to close the door the solution can be the BIDDLE climate separation. Being regional partner of Biddle climate separation we have the tool to provide you the free flow in the doorways, in addition to the huge energy savings what climate separation gives you.
Due to the proven energy savings, BIDDLE is considered an energy efficiency investment, so it is likely that a significant part of the energy saved can be written off against TAO or sold under the EKR (Electronic Public Procurement System). Together, these could bring millions of forints back into the company's coffers in addition to the energy savings.
BIDDLE equipment, designed and manufactured in Europe, also comes with a number of world patents and a 5-year warranty.

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Where BIDDLE climate separation is the most useful?

Cold store, deep freeze chamber

Where the temperature on both sides of the door is -20°C and +10°C all day long, energy losses of several hundred kWh per day can occur. Icing machinery, deteriorating equipment...

Production plant

The 4x5 metre gate must also be open in winter. Is it important to have a constant temperature or humidity inside? Valuable workers work next to the door?

Business area, hotel entrance

You see your business as a premium product, right? Do you want to give your customers and colleagues a premium experience? How can you afford to keep them cold in winter and sweating indoors in summer?

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