10 useful questions for heat pump buyers

10 useful questions for heat pump buyers

It makes a difference how much we heat in the cold, how much our heating bill is in the winter, and how much we pollute the environment. A heat pump is a modern, energy-saving, safe heating and refrigeration system that replaces the use of fossil fuels (gas, oil, mixed-fuel boilers).

Here are 10 useful questions to answer for heat pump buyers, as the answers to these questions will determine the optimal heat pump system design:

  1. Are you looking to install a heat pump in a new build or existing property?
  2. How big is the property, what is the location?
  3. Do you want to use the heat pump for heating only or for cooling and hot water production?
  4. How many people live/will live in the property?
  5. How is the house insulated and energy efficient?
  6. What heat dissipation units are installed in the property? (radiators, underfloor heating, etc.)
  7. Where can the domestic hot water (DHW) tank, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit be located?
  8. What type of electrical supply is available (single-phase, three-phase)?
  9. Do you want to operate the system with GEO or H tariff?
  10. What specific needs or future plans do you have (solar panel system, pool construction, renovation, possible family extension, etc.)

If you are thinking about installing a heat pump, we strongly recommend that you choose an expert with the right experience and knowledge, as the planning stage is the key.

Don't risk, rely on experts regarding your heat pump system!
Don't risk, rely on experts regarding your heat pump system!

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